Manning Gottlieb OMD / Starbucks UK


Pumpkin Spiced Latte (PSL) is our fan favourite and the jewel in our creative crown, but in 2018 we had our work cut out…

Our first challenge was a dramatically reduced budget. We’d spent the past few years building PSL into a social, cultural and aspirational icon – so at least we had solid starting point.

Except that we didn’t…

We’d noticed a movement calling-out unrealistic insta-perfection promoted by influencers, in turn promoting raw, undone realism. Once aspirational behaviour was now seen as a bit “basic”.

This meant our tried and tested “status symbol” approach wasn’t going to work.

The solution was simple: Create some witty stickers and gifs with Instagram and share them with our “Pumpkin Head” audience.

Except we couldn’t…

We could create the gifs but we couldn’t promote them. So, we analysed thousands of Stories to see how our brand appeared and what images, phrases and styles were used positively around PSL. We hand-drew 12 images and tagged and optimised these like a web page.

We delivered global reach of 18.5m surpassing sales of PSL to the point of sell-through by week three of our six-week campaign, all whilst maintaining positive sentiment and brand love of 85%.

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