Publisher’s 360 "UOKM8?" content brings honest mental health discussion to youth community



A 360-content driven socially conscious campaign to drive the conversation around mental health amongst young people. Reaching over 36 million and driving unprecedented 823k engagements, with a modest budget – spent across video production and minimal limited outdoor  print media - our campaign changed the narrative on an important, serious topic.

UOKM8? launched with a series of creative films, ‘Everyday Heroes,’ directed by filmmaker Mollie Mills.  The shorts focused on influential men, such as Olympic medalist Louis Smith and SwimDem, a London swimming community, sharing their personal struggles with anxiety. 4.8 million people watched these insightful, brave and raw shorts.

We also featured editorial stories ranging from body dysmorphia to PTSD amongst soldiers; to highlight people are not alone in their mental health battles and to encourage our audience to talk to their mates and peers.

The content was aggregated on a section of Over 50,000 participated in a poll we commissioned. With overwhelming popularity of the campaign, and significant reach and engagement, we decided to make this a permanent fixture, to mark the permanence of mental health as a global issue and the demand for community discussion around it.


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