Re-wiring Expedia's international programmatic strategy

Infectious Media / Expedia


Traditionally, global brands have needed a global media agency with local offices to buy media in each market. However, having lots of local offices causes inefficiencies and fragmentation in a global media strategy, holding back shared learning and the progression of the media strategy.

Programmatic technology means that brands can centralise its international digital media buying through one technology from one location. Each market’s data and inventory, as well as performance data, can be fed into & accessed by a central platform.

Although this opportunity for increased efficiency and shared learnings has emerged, the traditional method still is used by almost all global brands.

Expedia is one brand, however, that understood the opportunity. It now works with one agency and technology partner to execute its global programmatic from one location. Expedia has been able to benefit from a unified global strategy, shared learnings, unified reporting and budget allocation, and increased transparency and control.

In 2016, Expedia’s programmatic activity grew from three markets to 25 - and earned an ROI 25% above the global target. 

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