San Miguel Rich List

OMD UK, Pablo London, Clifford French / Carlsberg


Facing a declining lager category and a flooded market, San Miguel needed to reconnect with young drinkers. This audience is motivated by seeing and doing more, while drinking less. ‘Experience’ is the new status symbol for them.

So we took the Sunday Times Rich List, and turned it on its head by creating a New Rich List with the Guardian, celebrating people rich in experiences and adventure. To add breadth and depth to the Rich List, we partnered with The Discovery Channel. This six-month relationship allowed us to blend our culturally rich individuals with Discovery’s own content, through 90’ editorial spots, a hub on their website, and a presence on their social channels.

TV, print, digital, experiential and social enabled us to reach over 14 million young drinkers in the UK and take the brand into the UK's top ten beers for the first time.

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