Sight Loss Break with RNIB and C4

Channel 4


We created in a unique, creative first with 5 brands and the RNIB, showcasing adverts through specific sight loss ‘lenses’. Accessibility for all viewers is hugely important to Channel 4 and we are very proud to have raised awareness of these common eye issues through a unique creative execution, that increased the RNIB’s site traffic by 600%! Another example of Channel 4 taking the lead with creativity to improve diversity and inclusion within advertising. We wanted to produce different visual filters that could be overlaid on the ad copies to bring to life the 5 most common sight conditions in the UK; macular degeneration, cataracts and eye conditions caused by diabetes, hemianopia and glaucoma. In an unprecedented move, the brands allowed us to cover over key components of their ad copy, taking a leap of faith to support this meaningful initiative.

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