The ESPN Luck Index powered by Intel

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The ESPN Luck Index powered by Intel created excitement, intrigue and debate as it tackled a key football question – how much does luck affect a season?

The Luck Index captured the imagination of football fans across the UK, putting ESPN and sponsor Intel at the centre of the football conversation just days before the start of the 18/19 Premier League season.

Working closely with experts at the University of Bath, ESPN and Intel analysed all the major lucky incidents throughout the 17/18 Premier League season (incorrect red-cards, offside goals etc). Then each game was simulated thousands of times from that point to discover what the result should have been.

The headlines were:

- Liverpool were the unluckiest team
- Man United were the luckiest, and should have swapped league places with Liverpool
- Stoke should have stayed up, and Huddersfield should have been relegated.

There was a phenomenal media response – more than 150 pieces of coverage, including the top story of the homepage, The Sun, Sky Sports and SportBible. Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp was even asked about the results. The campaign significantly increased awareness of Intel, and its perception as an innovative brand.

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