The Hard News Project



Newsworks’ study with Neuro-Insight shows that ads which appear around hard news stories in newsbrand elicit more and higher peaks in memory encoding and emotional intensity than ads in soft news stories.
The news environment creates high engagement and memory encoding for advertisers in both hard and soft news contexts.

There is no evidence that hard news stories create dislike – in fact, hard news stories generate a higher “approach” response, rather than a negative withdrawal response. These findings call into question an over-zealous approach to brand safety that can lead to advertisers shunning content on premium publisher sites without an understanding of the context of the editorial. Newsworks are collaborating with the IAB and other interested parties, including AOP, ISBA, IPA, JICWEBS, Content Verification providers, Demand Side Platforms, Publishers, Brands and Agencies in a working party to develop improved solutions.

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