The Power of One x The Power of Many

Drum/Indy 8 / Manning Gottlieb OMD, Age UK


When was the last time you spoke to someone? A minute ago? An hour? How about a week ago?

It’s a shocking truth that over a million older people in the UK are chronically lonely and regularly go over a month without speaking to anyone.

Age UK aim to end this hidden tragedy.

Our inspiration came from an unlikely source, Josef Stalin ‘A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic’. We needed to make the issue of loneliness personal. Bring it so close to home it would be impossible to turn away from.

The Power of One. Instead of focusing on the scale of the issue we focused on one individual, Roy.  Together with DRUM we created a piece of content that showed Roy’s day-to-day life and the devastating reality of life without social contact.

The Power of Many. By using a sophisticated data approach, combining 20 data sources, we created the first Loneliness Index of Great Britain. using data from a bespoke loneliness map, we supported Roy’s story by tailoring OOH and display content right down to postcode level.

It worked -  2million hours donated, 33,000 new volunteers and self-referrals up 245%.

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