The Value of Quality



Newsworks set out to prove that a quality digital environment is more cost-effective for advertisers than the open exchange. A partnership between GroupM UK, Newsworks and Newsworks’ national newspaper stakeholders covered 84 campaigns, over 398 million impressions and 28,549 filtered survey responses. Results show that ads appearing in quality online environments are 42% more cost effective for advertisers based on levels of engagement, viewability, above the fold placement and dwell time. A premium exposure is 58% more likely to be 100% in view (which is GroupM’s global viewability standard) for at least five seconds. The online industry standard is 50% in view for at least one second. Conversely, the study found that 48% of measurable ads on the open exchange were never actually seen. In contrast, ads in quality digital environments are 98% more likely to be placed fully above the fold, and 273% more likely to prompt a hover from a user. Premium placements also produced stronger response rates across the board with average uplifts of +10.5% for brand awareness, +19.2% for ad recall, +9.7% for brand perception and +10.3% for recommendation intent.

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