The Volvo V40 Prime Now Test Drive

Amazon Advertising


In 2018, Volvo wanted a media owner who could deliver an attention-grabbing idea focused on young couples and families living in major cities. Together with Volvo and Mindshare, Amazon built a better way to test drive your next car: The Volvo V40 Prime Now Test Drive. Users in four cities were directed to a Volvo brand hub on Amazon (via web or app). Here, they could select a 2-hour slot on a particular weekend, during which the car would be delivered to their door by a Volvo representative. The customer could then take the car out on familiar roads, whilst having their questions answered by a knowledgeable, neutral product expert. At the end of the test, customers could review the experience. The campaign launched on May 23rd 2018. Highlight coverage included print articles in the Daily Mail and Daily Star plus influential online like Mail Online, TechRadar, Gizmodo and Auto Express. There have been 65 pieces of coverage to date, with a combined reach of 394 million. Car industry experts and drivers continue to spread the news via social media, boosting both the campaign and Volvo’s brand.

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