Toyota Hilux You'll Be Fine

m/SIX / Toyota


In 2018, the pick-up market was growing at a rate of 15% YoY (SMMT) as more manufacturers entered the market and popularity for a pick-up as a viable alternative to a car ‘SUV’ was helped by favourable commercial vehicle tax benefits, effectively ‘stretching’ the audience from a traditional core. But in its 50th year Hilux was in decline, in a competition to be the toughest, our sales had gone soft.

The typical pick-up driver is male aged 30+, they are skilled and often have their own businesses, they are not the knuckle-dragging cavemen that competitor ads assume. We extended the core 720k audience to include the new stretch audience of 3m and our research showed us that they see themselves as ‘well educated’ ‘affable’, ‘irreverent’, ‘thinkers’.

This fed into the creative concept:
Owning a Hilux means knowing you’ll be able to tackle any situation in the future, no matter how extraordinary. Whatever happens, no matter how unlikely, with a Toyota Hilux You’ll Be Fine.

To cut through the macho shouty off-road category tropes the creative team developed a unique story to demonstrate Hilux’s invincibility by putting in at the centre of an imaginary apocalypse.

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