Toyota We Choose Hybrid



In 2017, Toyota’s hybrid moment truly arrived. The VW ‘dieselgate’ scandal created massive uncertainty for a raft of buyers, unsure what kind of powertrain to turn to next. Having engineered hybrids since 1997, and selling 10 million globally, Toyota could now capitalise on their hybrid leadership. Or could they? Even with significant financial incentives now available for buyers, the overwhelming majority of car purchasers continued to reject hybrid vehicles, either sticking with petrol or postponing their purchase altogether. Why? A host of reasons, some functional, some emotional, varying by audience and market. We started with real audience data. In an automotive first, we combined behavioural data from [m]PLATFORM (GroupM’s proprietary data platform) with bespoke survey data, matched at an individual ID level. This meant we could understand not only the real barriers to adoption, but also the real-world scale of these behaviours in live data – an unbroken chain from insight to activation. “We Choose Hybrid” was born. Within three months of the campaign, we saw a clear up lift in consideration and achieved record hybrid sales: up 27%, much faster than overall Toyota car sales.

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