PayPal Turkey Dash

Havas Media


This paper is not just about a great client, agency and media owner partnership but how it fostered a bigger collaboration between the British public and their favourite charitable causes. Charities rely on cash, especially at Xmas but society is going cashless We needed to create a new way for charities to reach donors and to re-invent the supporter experience. We created a Christmas media event - Turkey Dash - a race with 8 animated turkeys, each representing a charity, powered by donations. With media launching the event, encouraging support and culminating in a real time live Turkey race. Aardman animation created warm, seasonal characters for the content and channel four provided the ideal platform for it, offering familiar talent, a track record in engaging our audience in ‘sport’ that would help establish this as a national event. There has been no other financial services or charity initiative of this type, rooted in entertainment and giving. We moved charitable support from a one-off donation to a meaningful and extended relationship with charitable organisations – a literal ‘supporter base’ that led to a 978% increase in donations to our charities compared to the same period last year. (No turkeys were harmed).

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