Turning the nation into cereal daters

Carat UK and ITV / Kellogg's Corn Flakes


Kellogg’s Cornflakes faced a huge challenge to become more relevant to 16-34s and to stand out from the vast array of breakfast options, the partnership with Love Island did just that. The 'Morning After' podcast was a brilliant first, both for the brand and for ITV, enabling us to engage with 16-34’s in a fun, relevant, entertaining and cost-effective way. The partnership cleverly combined the heritage and love of Cornflakes by our target market with their newfound loves, the Love Island show itself, dating, taking selfies, and most importantly, being the first to hear the very latest news from the show every morning.

The combination of the fun and entertaining content of the podcast along with the on-pack ‘Cereal Dater’ selfie competition elevated the success of the campaign and ensured our stand out from, not only the show’s main sponsors, but also the beer and crisp brands aimed at football fans who were active at the time, quite an achievement.

The results speak for themselves and in short, were phenomenal, surpassing ours and the client’s expectations and smashing our targets.

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