Twitch and Star Trek Beyond

Twitch, MEC / Paramount Pictures


Beaming three influencers into space for a film release is arguably an ambitious idea. That’s precisely what Twitch did on a live stream for Star Trek: Beyond. Three streamers were broadcasting live as usual to thousands of followers. Then, mid-stream, they dematerialized before their viewers’ eyes. Twitch chat and social media went crazy trying to figure out what happened. The influencers rematerialized live on the USS Enterprise dressed in full federation uniforms and where ‘naturally’ met by a Vulcan who informed them of their mission. Over two hours, the influences battled the evil Krall at video games, gave away Star Trek merchandise and interacted live with the audience. Once peace was restored to the federation, the influencers were beamed back to their homes live on the stream leaving the audience utterly bewildered.

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