Who won Black Friday?/ Who won Christmas?

Lumen / Newsworks


Attention is a scarce commodity in today’s media environment of 24/7 consumption, multi-screening, multi-tasking and multi-platform. Add the associated issues of blocking, bots and questionable visibility and there’s real doubt about who actually sees which ads. With advertisers looking to maximise sales opportunities during key seasonal periods, it is crucial to understand whether consumers at least have the opportunity to engage.

Newsworks commissioned Lumen eye-tracking research to investigate whether the strong attention previously established for newsbrands was increased for Black Friday and the run-up to Christmas. Consumers say they use newsbrand ads more actively during these periods, but we needed proof that that they did actually look at what they say they look at.

Results demonstrate that the impact and dwell times of newsbrand ads are significantly boosted during Black Friday and Christmas. Print is most attention-grabbing, while the quality environment of digital newsbrands means that ad viewing is 2.5 times higher than on a non-newsbrand site.

Audiences are relatively easy to reach. It is not so easy to guarantee an attentive audience. In the rush to digital and programmatic, the proven pulling power of print and the benefits of an absorbing digital context are worth re-considering.

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