Yorkshire Tea Speciality Brews - a dynamic audio campaign of pure poetry



Briefed by Yorkshire Tea to launch three new ‘speciality’ tea brands, Goodstuff worked with Lucky Generals, and poet Ian McMillan, to attract an audience of younger, brew-deprived drinkers. This paper is about the application of advertising in context, but done proper. It’s about pushing a creative idea as far as media can take it. In this case, turning a written poem about tea into 300 spoken word, dynamic, audio ads (we’re calling them poem-ads) - matching the message to need state, day, daypart, weather and location. In doing so, we broke conventions around use of visual imagery and branding in FMCG launches and successfully launched the three new brews; driving the vast majority of category growth within speciality black teas – and growing Yorkshire Tea’s overall business against the context of an evaporating black tea market.

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