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Havas Media and Channel 4


Turkey Dash Media Collaboration - Paypal

Charities rely on cash, particularly at times like Christmas. Less people however are donating cash in favour of volunteering for example, while cash itself becoming a minority form of payment. Paypal’s donate button helps address this; but more needed to be done to raise awareness of the button as well as create a new way for charities to reach donors.

Taking the adage charity begins at home to heart, Havas Media, Channel 4 and PayPal collaborated on a campaign - Turkey Dash - that turned an evening of Christmas television into a new giving moment. They targeted people when they are happy and potentially have their phone in hand, making a ‘donate button’ easy to use.

Turkey Dash was a race with eight animated turkeys, each representing a charity and powered by donations – the more cash, the faster the dash. Wallace & Grommit creator Aardman Animation produced characters for the content and Channel Four provided the platform, while a social media campaign drummed up supporters. Viewers tuned in to see the winner on TV, alongside a Facebook Live event which brought together representatives from all eight charities to join in the celebration.

A total of 1.3m people tuned in for the race and overall the campaign reached 34m people; 12% of people exposed to the campaign ‘supported a turkey’ through the donate button and 35% more planned to.

Manning Gottlieb OMD
More Important Than… Specsavers
Manning Gottlieb OMD brought a dozen partners together to create a campaign for Specsavers to underline the importance of regular eye tests. While eye test avoiders understood that tests were important, 14m people weren't having regular ones because it was just a few steps too far down the to-do list. The insight was that most of the things above just weren't that important - such as trivial media moments. Specsavers took on the trivial by creating a witty juxtaposition between the importance of eye health and the triviality of most media content. A group of partners helped make this a reality across multiple channels under the 'More Important Than' banner, enabling online newsbrand headlines to be mimicked and referencing moments that had just happened in TV programmes. .

Bountiful Cow, News UK, Sky Media and The Value Xchange
Giving November its Mojo Back - The Movember Foundation
The Movember Foundation had become one of the most iconic and well-supported charities in the UK. By 2017, things had changed, with other charities using a similar 'name a month' model. The charity needed to find a way to reconnect men with Movember's purpose. The result was an emotionally motivated collaboration across five different media brands and five separate organisations where everyone was personally invested in making a difference.

Mindshare UK: War For The Planet Of The Apes, Fox
OMD UK: Walkers Win Live on TV, Pepsico/Walkers

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