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Oops - O2

O2 made free mobile screen repairs a core part of its offering, but no one really engages with a product like screen repair until it’s too late. To highlight the importance, O2 needed to replicate that “oh shit” feeling when you see something is broken.

Havas Media used Telefonica data and lifestyle analysis to identify moments where you would most likely drop your phone and the times this would be most annoying. This ‘Oops’ message was at UK shopping malls, targeting shoppers laden with bags who might be sending selfies and displayed during rush hour at commuter rail and train stations and bus stops. You might be rummaging in your bag only to see your phone fall out and down the stairs.

Every media encountered an ‘oops’ moment. Lenticular technology was used to ‘break’ billboards, ‘punch through’ paper and ‘trash’ digital media. Some of the executions also encouraged user generated content, inviting people to tell the world about their ‘oops’ moments. Brand love for O2 increased by 12%, with 68% of customers moving to the ‘oops’’ tariff versus a 49% target.

Channel 4 Sight Loss Break - RNIB
Channel 4 and RNIB produced different visual filters that could be overlaid on ad copies to bring to life the five most common sight conditions in the UK; macular degeneration, cataracts and eye conditions caused by diabetes, hemianopia and glaucoma. Following the ads airing, the RNIB saw a 600% increase in site traffic, with visitors spending on average over four minutes on the site watching the execution again and researching important eye care issues.

Rammed with Confidence - Volkswagen Group
Volkswagen’s strategic focus on all of its SUV brands, the Tiguan, Touareg and the T-Roc, is centred around confidence. Whilst other SUV brands showcased their cars driving up mountains or through deserted cityscapes, for the T-Roc, PHD created a campaign where ‘Bam’, a little ram, ‘burst out’ of the campaign and rammed into other brands’ ads. T-Roc’s website became the most visited car model site of any car in the UK.

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