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Hell-Spot Media - Virgin Trains

Manning Gottlieb OMD’s campaign for Virgin Trains tailored radio copy to individual radio transmitters, the first time such copy had been planned, bought and created in this way.

This piece of microtargeting was aimed at disgruntled drivers caught in traffic jams on the M1 and M6 - two of Britain’s most clogged motorways. With these roads covering the same journey as Virgin Trains’ Leeds and Birmingham routes, the brand focused on traffic hell spots to encourage more people to ditch their cars for the train.

Google’s traffic data isolated the worst places, days of the week and times of day when delays were most likely, which gave broad ‘hell-spots’ along the M1 and M6. Radio copy was then changed in real time as people drove along the motorways, thereby getting a different message relevant to their location. With bespoke copy designed for each 20km stretch of the motorway, frustrated drivers were served a creative message reminding them of the alternative - Virgin Trains.

Over the course of the campaign, consideration for the train increased along both routes; the M6 route rose from 73% to 82%, while the M1 went from 76% to 83%.

Manning Gottlieb OMD
More Important Than - Specsavers More than 50% of sight loss is avoidable so getting your eyes checked regularly is vital; trouble is, many people don’t. To increase the number of people testing their sight, Specsavers and Manning Gottlieb OMD created over 100 different contextually-relevant reactive executions themed under ‘More Important Than’. The aim was to create a witty juxtaposition between the importance of eye health and the triviality of most media content, to get people to realize just how important eye tests are.

Spotify and MediaCom
The Hunger Spotter - Marks/Snickers
After years of promoting its message on newsfeeds, TV screens and newspaper pages, Snickers used a different approach to re-ignite the 'You're Not You When You're Hungry' campaign. In an audio and media innovation first, Snickers used Spotify's streaming intelligence - including first-party, contextual data, to pinpoint times when users were listening to music outside of their normal habits. It then offered links to playlists of their favourite genres instead.

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