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Ben Jeffries, CEO and founder, Influencer


Ben Jeffries, CEO and founder, Influencer

Influencer is an AI-driven, software as a service platform, enabling brands to run influencer marketing campaigns from start to finish and produce content at scale. Brands can connect with the most influential content creators on social media, reviewing their analytics and follower demographics to ensure they are the best fit for their brand and campaign. Ben Jeffries launched Influencer in 2017 at the age of 21, after dropping out of Bath University and a placement at Shell. He raised a first round of investment for the business on Crowdcube in under 24 hours.

YouTube vlogger Caspar Lee joined in August 2017 as CMO and shortly after, Jeffries has led his team to close a further £500k investment round for the business, enabling the Influencer platform to develop further. At Influencer, Jeffries led Apple Music to achieve their highest downloads of 2018 so far, using influencers via the Influencer platform. He has also led influencer marketing campaigns for global brands such as McDonald’s, Badoo and Nokia.


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