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The Guardian Sales Team

With continued uncertainty around ad fraud and in light of the revelations around Cambridge Analytica and Facebook, The Guardian saw an opportunity to make a stand for quality.

The programmatic team showed a commitment to cleaning up brand safety and ad fraud, demonstrating how its work could deliver tangible business impact for partners. It called out some of the bad players in the ad tech industry, building on its investigation where it bought its own inventory to see where the money was actually going. As a result, premium inventory sales have grown strongly year-on-year, yielding impressive revenue increases.

Guardian Labs also made a stand for quality in the branded content space. This included a comedy show for Vodafone business and The Guardian’s first ever drama podcast with Lloyds Bank. This push for quality resulted in a doubling of revenue in the first half of this year. The Guardian also revitalised its print product, launching in tabloid format and redesigning its website. Efforts across the programmatic, labs and media departments have delivered an impressive performance over the last 12 months; in total, the sales team contributed £1m every week to The Guardian’s bottom line in 2017/2018.

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