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Thinkbox in partnership with Ebiquity and Gain Theory


Profit Ability: How making the case for advertising made the case for TV

Thinkbox set out out to demonstrate how advertisers can use advanced data science to provide a comprehensive view of the true business role advertising plays in the short and long term. It wanted to show how advertising should be seen as an investment that can be risk assessed alongside other capital investment opportunities.

‘Profit Ability’ was commissioned by Thinkbox from Ebiquity and Gain Theory. Using their pre-existing databanks of client-funded data, the study analysed over 2,000 advertising campaigns across 11 categories. This data provided a view of the average case.

Using this dataset, benchmarks were formed for media channel performance by category, in terms of efficiency and volume of effects across both the short and the longer term. Efficiency ranges were also used to help risk assess channel performance - a crucial measure for the boardroom with advertising competing for business investment. With its focus on volume and scalability, the study has shifted emphasis away from ROI efficiency and given advertisers benchmarks so they know what they can expect from their advertising investments.

With TV delivering 71% of the total profit generated by advertising, at the greatest efficiency and for the least risk, the study helped cement TV’s position within marketing effectiveness.

Publishers Audience Measurement Company (PAMCo)
PAMCo: A once in a generation chance to turbo charge the Published Media Sector - UK Published Media Industry Together with partners at Ipsos and comScore, PAMCo has developed world and sector leading methodology combining tried and trusted, high quality face to face interviews with digital data, specially produced for publishers and utilising its very own digital panel. This new PAMCo data allows users to look at de-duplicated reach and frequency of audience delivery across all publisher platforms – phone, tablet, desktop and print.

The value of quality Newsworks set out to prove that a quality digital environment is more cost-effective for advertisers than the open exchange. A partnership between GroupM UK, Newsworks and Newsworks' national newspaper stakeholders covered 84 campaigns, over 398 million impressions and 28,549 filtered survey responses. Finalists Newsworks: Getting closer to the Great British public Newsworks and the Association for Online Publishers: Context Matters Newsworks: Planning for Profit

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