Winners' Stories 2018

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Grand Prix

Agency - Media Idea - Under £250k

Agency - Media Idea - £250k to £1m

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Agency - Media Idea - over £1m

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Agency - Media Idea - Launch

Best Use of Audio

Best Use of Content (budget under £250k)

Best Use of Content (Budget over £250k)

Best use of data for audience buying


International Campaign

Large collaboration - budget over £250k

Long-Term Media Strategy

Media Owner - Media Idea - Under £250k

Media Owner - Media Idea - £250k to £1m

Media Idea - Over £1m

Media Owner - Media Idea - Launch

Media Owner - Media Brand of the Year

Media leader of the year

Media Innovation

Media Creativity

Media Agency of the Year

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Research Insight

Rising Star - Agency

Rising Star - Media Owner

Sales team of the year

Small Collaboration - Budget under £250k

Trade Body Research

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