Launching the UK's biggest ever start up


Client: Cazoo

Nearly eight million used cars are sold every year, but the industry is a dinosaur of the pre-digital age. A fragmented mix of local dealers, fraught forecourt negotiations, and leaps of faith on the word of a slippery salesperson. No wonder the ‘dodgy used car dealer’ is an enduring stereotype.

Cazoo planned to modernise this outdated market. By selling over the internet, they can offer a far wider choice of quality, tested, warrantied cars, with easy returns, and, best of all, no awkward haggling. But that gave us a significant comms challenge. How do you get someone to spend an average of £14,000, on a car they’ve never seen, from a brand they’ve never heard of, through a website they’ve never used? Where most e-commerce brands exercise caution, we went all-in to build our brand, aiming to be ubiquitous, memorable, and familiar - attributes befitting of a confident and established brand. Can we break DTC launch conventions, change the way the country buys cars, and create the biggest UK start-up of all time? Cazoo yeah, we can!