The moments of truth

Agency: JCDecaux, Posterscope and Clear Channel

"In the last five years the UK Out-of-Home industry (OOH) has invested around £350m installing the digital screens that have driven the medium’s impressive growth from a traditional media to a digital platform. Concurrently we have seen increasing pressure from clients to wring the maximum value from their media investment. So, identifying a means of improving OOH effectiveness by up to a fifth, and proving this to work in the real world, would clearly be in the best interests of both buyers and sellers of digital OOH (DOOH). This was the catalyst for the unique combination between Posterscope, JCDecaux, and Clear Channel that led to The Moments of Truth (TMOT).

TMOT was designed to inform and educate the marketing industry on how dynamic data-driven DOOH maximises performance and consumer response. Despite DOOH accounting for over 50% of all OOH revenue it’s estimated that still only about 8% of this is dynamically activated - a frustration felt across media owners and specialists within the OOH industry.

This was an industry-wide missed opportunity. Addressing it would require an industry-wide approach. In the absence of a resourced central marketing body for OOH, the three project partners, which included 2 major competitors, entered into an industry-first collaboration to identify a solution.

Ultimately it demonstrated that dynamic DOOH campaigns can deliver a 16% sales uplift. The industry now has a far better understanding of how and why relevance is a key component of OOH effectiveness that can both build brand equity and drive brand actions."