Time out pivots to time in

Agency: Time Out

Time Out, the global brand dedicated to helping Urbanties experience 'the best of the city', adapted swiftly and efficiently to the needs of their audience, to help them explore and experience the 'best of the city' staying IN while they couldn’t go OUT. Due to cities closing under government guidelines, Time Out Media rebranded its 50 year old iconic Time Out logo to ‘Time In’ and subsequently all content focused on keeping the world entertained during lockdown. To reflect this pivot in our mission, Time Out Media continued to bring audiences across the globe the 'best of the city' by going digital only and refocusing all of our content strands to reflect our new reality. We recreated our social media channels and created new Couchbound email newsletters, offering timely news, inspiration and support. New content strands were born to help hospitality businesses keep in touch with their customers such as ‘Social Dish-tancing’ and a Love Local campaign that leveraged initiatives helping suffering local businesses, which was also supported by brands such as Uber Eats, Instagram and more.