Shortlist Announced!

This year’s event takes place on the evening of Thursday 23 October. It’s the big night of the media year, and the awards stand head and shoulders above all others in their significance and importance.

At Media Week, we observe the media world changing and expanding and we know that advertising is just one part of what media owners, agencies and clients do. We  see a real opportunity for them to showcase the best of media across boughtowned and earned media, which is increasingly how client campaigns are being delivered.  We will be asking our judges to reward innovation, creativity, outstanding insight and, of course, real business impact.

Whether they are a media owner, media agency or client advertiser, the assembled company is guaranteed an enlightening and unforgettable night out. And the prestige of winning a Media Week Award will linger long after the celebratory hangovers have eased.

Successful campaigns, brands and agencies must demonstrate true imagination, creativity and – especially – effectiveness to impress the judges. The awards are decided after an exceptionally rigorous judging process conducted by senior movers and shakers in the media industry.

Effectiveness is crucial in today’s economic climate, and this is where media comes into its own. Our industry has always valued return on investment above all else – and marketers are increasingly turning to the UK’s stellar media community to deliver this. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on the big night in October. Good luck!