A Trio of Teatime Tales with David Walliams

Sky Media

Client: McCain and Family Fund

Teatime Tales is a heart-warming partnership between McCain, Family Fund and Sky Media designed to offer a relatable way to understand the day-to-day nuances of life for families living with disabled or seriously ill children and young people. We wanted to shine a light on the little moments of togetherness, so easily taken for granted, that McCain and Family Fund help families to enjoy.

McCain partnered with Family Fund to positively impact the lives of these vulnerable low-income families, and to highlight their role as a brand who can unite all families around the togetherness of teatime. A partnership with Sky needed to span both objectives in a cohesive way. Sky looked to the world of family content, specifically children’s books, and created an animated series of TVCs narrated by David Walliams, which made the children the stars of the content and used real stories to enhance emotional engagement. We aired these at teatime and used teatime as our creative hook for added product resonance, which not only translated into charitable intent with 80% of the exposed group claiming they will make a future donation to Family Fund, it also increased future purchase intent of McCain by 44%!