Amazon Books The TikTok Book Club


Client: Amazon Books

In a world of instant access to unlimited entertainment & endless scrolling, the joy of reading a book had taken a backseat. We found our solution in the most unexpected of places – the very platform of their distraction, Tik Tok. Because what they see on Tik Tok, is what they do in real life.

The Tik Tok Book Club, by Amazon Books – the first book-club created by a social platform. We created a sticker to prompt reading every single time they opened the app or scrolled through a video (19 times a day on average!). Enlisting 6 “Book-Tok Laureates”, we kicked off a new Tik Tok trend each week to help young brits fall back in love with reading again. A dedicated clubhouse in-app became the home of inspiration for book-lovers and connected content to commerce, allowing seamless purchase straight from Amazon Books.