Barclay's card travelsmart easyjet partnership

Client: Barclaycard and easyJet

Agency: OMD UK with easyJet

"In 2019 Barclaycard set out on a mission to take the high-ground – turning credit cards from toxic to trusted - by helping people to spend smarter with their card and in turn drive brand consideration in a highly congested and competitive market. One of the biggest areas of credit card misuse is when travelling abroad, so here was Barclaycard’s ‘spend smarter’ opportunity – to educate travellers how to use their cards sensibly overseas without incurring ruinous charges.

Up until now, the in-flight magazine would have been the only opportunity to insert a brand message, but they risk getting lost in all the competing ads and editorial. So, what if we were able to create an entirely new advertising medium in the form of the laminated safety card? After all, it’s the one piece of in-flight material that we trust to give us useful information to travel safe. What if we could create a version that helped people to travel smart?"