Behind Every BAFTA

Digital Cinema Media (DCM)

Client: BAFTA

BAFTA is a world-renowned independent arts charity that discovers, inspires, supports and nurtures new talent across television, films, and games. In a national survey conducted with YouGov in 2021, of 2,000 participants 96% of the UK Adult population are aware of BAFTA but just 3% view it as a charitable organisation. BAFTA wanted to reposition itself as a progressive industry voice and amplify its awareness as a charity, and needed a breakthrough idea to capture the full attention of young audiences.

DCM devised a brand campaign to celebrate the rich stories and creative talent the UK has to offer across. Our 60” cinema ad showcased the diverse range of skills that goes into making award-winning work, to inspire the next generation of creative talent. Multi BAFTA-winning artist Big Zuu narrated the ad: ‘There are a lot of people behind every BAFTA. You could be one of them.’

The campaign showed the power of ads seen in a high-attention environment to deliver on key campaign KPIs including awareness, perception and consideration. Perceptions of BAFTA improved significantly, with the highest uplifts seen for the statement ‘BAFTA matters to me’ (+172%), ‘is for people like me’ (+157%) and ‘is forward-thinking and inclusive’ (+134%).