Ben Hayes and Andrew Stephens

Co-Founders, Goodstuff

"What defines a good leader over the last 12 months? Their ability to deliver stellar commercial growth? Corporate cultural strength? A clear brand vision? Outstanding Industry contribution? Rapid and empathetic COVID-19 management? Peerless Industry reputation? Demonstrating huge progress in diversity and inclusion? Thankfully, we Goodstuffers don’t have to choose the strongest suit from this list, because our leaders, agency co-founders Andrew Stephens and Ben Hayes, have delivered all the above. And Some.

This paper outlines Ben & Andrew’s brilliant stewardship of the agency through its most successful year ever into its (and everyone’s) most challenging year yet. They’ve ably demonstrated along the way that they are inseparable as Goodstuff’s leaders, are the industry’s all-round GoodEggs and are thoroughly deserving of this accolade. And that’s no yoke."