CFlight: the long-awaited solution

Sky Media

Client: Sky Media

As viewing behaviour continues to evolve, the need for a consistent, combined TV measurement solution was top of the industry agenda. Project Dovetail was still on the horizon and TV was only going to get more fragmented. With Sky Media’s 3m strong customer panel and market leading data processing capabilities, we knew we could help.

Following 2 years of development with our partners RSMB and PWC, we launched a transparent, robust solution. For the first time ever, CFlight unifies impressions across all screens, devices and audiences AND calculates de-duplicated reach for linear and VOD campaigns. We've processed over 700 campaigns giving advertisers proof that VOD adds incremental reach. And we're not only measuring Sky Media campaigns across all 140 of our channels – we are working with ITV, Channel 4 and STV to build a complete view of broadcaster VOD using CFlight. “..a world first in TV measurement, CFlight will be a lasting legacy” Lindsey Clay, CEO Thinkbox