Creating emotional connections

Bauer Media

Client: Disney+

With the television subscriptions market more saturated than ever, Disney+ needed to stand out. They needed to raise awareness, increase subscriptions and drive retention. In order to compete with the established players, they expanded their portfolio to break the stereotype that they were just for children. To amplify this message they needed a trusted partner to help create emotional engagement. One with wide reach, but also a connection with their audience and an authentically fun persona, to match that of Disney+. Bauer has a huge and diverse audience, but each station and their talent, offered a unique opportunity to focus on specific elements of the amazing Disney+ content line-up. We were the perfect partner. We created a 12-month extravaganza of immersive and engaging connections across the Bauer portfolio, fully utilising our talent. We gave them ownership of the airwaves, resulting in significant uplifts in both awareness and sales metrics.