Creating the world’s first public sector benchmark database


Client: Government Communication Service GCS

The private sector has industry norms and best practices derived from research and meta-analysis from the likes of the IPA and WARC, which can fuel effective media plans - but very little has been done to surface similar lessons for the public sector. Our benchmarking project started with a set of insights from research data across multiple government campaigns. We then ran an analysis to let us optimise channel mix and budget, using cross-sectional modelling of research KPIs versus media spends and other factors - all from a unique resource, the GCS Benchmark Database. This comprises media and campaign inputs and outputs, research out-takes, and campaign outcomes from 600+ campaigns over the past 6 years. The analysis has created ‘golden rules’ for optimising communications for behaviour change, in a government-first proprietary resource. This has resulted in a step change in the way that government campaigns are activated and breaks new ground for benchmarking and optimisation going forwards, ultimately saving taxpayers’ money, and creating better outcomes now and for years to come.