Democratising Econometrics


Client: Electronic Arts, Strike, discovery+ and TalkTalk

For many years, Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM) using econometrics has been the preserve of larger brands with large research budgets. Typically, an MMM project costs over £50k and can reach £100k or more. This has restricted access to MMM and meant that larger brands have to rely on infrequent MMM reporting and small to medium sized brands are often unable to use MMM at all.

Over the last 3 years there have been significant technological developments in MMM with open-source code sets and cloud computing. These developments coincide with the death of the cookie. In response to these developments mSix have embarked in a mission to democratise MMM in three ways: make it faster, cheaper and more frequent. We call this the ‘democratisation’ of MMM. In the last year we have provided higher speed, lower cost MMM solutions to fourteen clients, across eleven geographical markets and nineteen individual brands. In one year, we have delivered over 120 actionable MMM projects. This paper is about how mSix have democratised MMM.