Dentsu draws the line against malaria to help end it for good

iProspect, dentsu International

Client: Malaria No More UK

Malaria is a deadly disease that is stealing our future, killing a child every 2 minutes.

Still, there’s hope – this could be the last generation to ever see malaria. For this to happen, we had to pressure world leaders to make real change. To do this, agency Dentsu in partnership with non-profit org Malaria No More created a bold and inspiring new global brand, campaign, and movement that shirks traditional charity campaign formats and instead highlights the energy, creativity and positivity of young Africa. The campaign featured a hero video that features famed African celebrity talent, and a bespoke crowd-sourced digital art piece – The Muundo – a collective call to action using the power of traditional tribal line painting to galvanise communities to urge for the eradication of malaria. The Muundo was developed by famed Nigerian artist, activist and lawyer, Láolú Sebanjo, known worldwide for his use visually compelling body paintingto start conversations and shed light on important issues. The campaign and The Muundo have created a movement, with a reach of over 47 billion to date Dentsu unlocked over 3 million dollars in free media space to support the campaign, driving over 7 million video views and over 2 million site visits. The campaign inspired and emboldened a generation to believe in a future without malaria – 69% of youth surveyed believe that malaria can be eliminated in their country. More importantly, even in a year dominated by COVID-19, world leaders listened and have renewed their commitments to end malaria.