Dominic Carter, Group Chief Commercial Officer

News UK

Dominic Carter is responsible for all of News

UK’s Commercial activities, leading a team of more than 300 staff encompassing sales, production, content, events, strategy, retail and insight. He is also responsible for a range of sub-brands including influencer agency The Fifth, photography agency Studio PI, digital newsbrand advertising collaboration The Ozone Project and News UK’s digital radio sales collaboration with Bauer, Octave. Whilst 2020-21 will forever be remembered as the year of the pandemic, it was always going to be an important year for News UK Commercial as numerous long term strategic modernisation investments came to fruition. It would have been easy for these to have fallen by the wayside amidst the chaos of COVID but Carter instead doubled down and drove these projects forward, leveraging the strength of the infrastructure he had created to ensure that the business thrived in this hardest of years.