Durex: The Glory Wall

LADbible Group

Client: Durex and Zenith

For great safe sex, your condom fit matters. But most people don’t even know that there is such a thing as ‘condom sizing’. Most people buy condoms in ‘regular fit’ but 46% of men don’t buy the right fitting condom. It is either too big or too small for them, too loose or too tight.  A big part of the reason condom sex isn’t perceived as good as ‘real’ sex is because of poor fit. Durex came to LADbible to kick start the conversation.

LADbible isn’t shy, so we took to the streets to question men and women on condom fit and size, erecting a series of ‘Glory Walls’ across major cities in the UK to provoke playful conversation– walls of 12 triumphant model penises of all shapes and sizes. Passers-by were then challenged to match the penis to the condom size through a series of voxpops which were posted across LADbible’s Instagram channel.

And it worked, with the campaign receiving over 82K engagements and 58% saying they’re now more likely to buy condoms knowing that the perfect fit increases comfort and pleasure.