excitable edgar exciting insight new way of planning

ITV and Manning Gottlieb OMD

Agency: Client: John Lewis & Partners and Waitrose & Partners

"In a media first, ITV and Manning Gottlieb OMD partnered up to amplify the John Lewis & Partners and Waitrose & Partners Christmas advert featuring Edgar the dragon. The campaign weaved Edgar into the fabric of ITV, placing him within contextual show bumpers and promos, to deepen the nation’s emotional connection to this loveable and excitable character

We were set a massive research challenge. Prove that this innovative, integrated campaign approach increased emotional engagement with ITV viewers in the build up to Christmas. We partnered with ReseachBods and Mindprober to utilise biometric technology. We measured viewers’ emotional responses to the activity as they were watching TV, live, in their own homes. No labs in sight.

We collected thousands of emotional response data points for programmes and advertising across 12 different viewing occasions. We measured 665 TV adverts, including sponsorship, and 143 ITV promos. We delivered an in-depth analysis of how the campaign performed overall and also within certain programmes, position in break and position of break

The research showed without doubt that the #ExcitableEdgar campaign was the most engaging advertising in December, with ITV viewers being +39% more engaged vs. average response to all other Christmas advertising.

The study also led to an unexpected new planning insight. The level of emotional engagement built throughout the show. This emphasised the importance of position of break for advertising within entertainment shows. Delivering a brand new AV planning insight that is benefitting campaign planning for Christmas 2020."