Fit for Purpose – Peloton’s Measurement Mindset

Hearts & Science

Client: Peloton

Peloton experienced phenomenal growth during the pandemic. But as the world emerged in 2022, sales stumbled and while the connected fitness category leader had built an enviable awareness in the UK, consideration was low. Peloton needed to pivot their entire communications strategy to build consideration of the brand in a post-COVID UK.

At the centre of this pivot sat their existing MMM which gave direction on the optimal investment strategy… but in a very different world living through a global pandemic, for a brand that was growing exponentially using media channels and tactics focussed singularly on sales at the highest possible efficiency.

Enter Hearts’ very best Science. Appointed to deliver a path back to growth, we designed an ambitious year 1 measurement agenda – centred around our proprietary Media Optimiser’s transformational short AND long-term econometrics - identifying actionable recommendations for the new reality and critical to the future success.