"The last 12 months have presented more than their fair share of challenges. Monumental challenges that all agencies have had to face. It has, especially recently, felt like walking a high wire over a precipitous drop. And, like a high wire, making it across in stormy conditions requires supreme poise and balance.

Goodstuff have successfully managed the balance between cultural values and commercial value; gaining unparalleled industry recognition for our agency brand, culture and work as well as record staff happiness. All while delivering the Industry’s highest client referral rating.

We’ve achieved balance between supporting our people and delivering profitability; increasing investment, improving our diversity, inclusion and engagement - while ending 2019 with our highest profit ever, increasing employee rewards and benefits and, more recently and importantly, protecting jobs during Covid-19.

We’ve successfully balanced existing clients and new; achieving the industry’s highest client referral score in the same 12 months we’ve won a record haul of £55m of exciting, enviable new clients.

We’ve managed our best balance of inventive and effective work; gaining recognition and shortlists galore for a broader spread of output than ever (plus holding both Campaign Media and Media Week Awards Grands Prix).

In short, this paper details how we have been guided by our mission, To Be the World’s Most Inventive Media Agency, and doing the right thing, to deliver the most balanced agency success story in the UK today.

This is why, on balance, Goodstuff should be your Agency of the Year."