How KFC (temporarily) paused the world’s most inappropriate end line

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Client: KFC & Mindshare UK

Finger Lickin’ Good’ is one of the world’s best-known and most memorable endlines. But in Covid-hit 2020, it was also perhaps the world’s most inappropriate one – temporarily at least. Rather than hide from this unfortunate fact, KFC – being KFC – boldly decided to face it head-on with a campaign announcing the standing-down of the famous line until better days. Given KFC’s brand reach and the fame of the tagline, this was actual news. Not as big news as Brexit or Covid, of course, but certainly newsworthy, and a story with the potential to raise a smile in a time of crisis. So, we decided to give it the full-on news treatment: big public announcement for social proofing, engagement through multiple touchpoints, and all tied in through social and PR. And it worked: brand sentiment rose, engagement was high, and the campaign helped KFC to a much better 2020 than had been anticipated back in the dark days of March.