How to increase your Social Intelligence

Wavemaker UK

Social Intelligence is an industry-leading research study spanning four years of data across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. It analyses over £175 million investment and 55 billion impressions.

The study has given radical impetus to our buying, provoking clients to think differently about which platforms they trial for various objectives. The learnings have driven down our cost-per-click by 19%, cost-per completed views by 28%, and improved brand lift study results by 80%. We shifted away from reach-buying to outcome-focussed, reducing investment against this objective by 46% in one year. We partnered to evolve products with the platforms, launching a series of firsts including in-stream contextual products and the new third-party cookieless Conversion API solution. With this, we turned every single social campaign into an opportunity to learn and unlock growth for our clients, and our partners.