I May Destroy You

The Face and galdem

Client: BBC

All public services must meet the needs of the community they serve – the BBC is no exception to this.

But with youth leaving the BBC in droves, the value the organisation offers this underserved group was being called into question. The BBC must reflect the societal issues for all groups, and remain relevant to what matters to them. Case in point; the #MeToo movement, which has placed the topic of sexual consent high on the agenda for youth. But with few trustworthy and consistent sources of truth available, the underserved were looking for an authentic voice to learn more. We therefore wanted our media to act as a public service, and so we sought to create a content hub in order for them to learn more and explore the discussion around consent in rich detail. We created a digital-zine alongside key, fresh and credible voices The Face and gal-dem. Coinciding with Sexual Health Awareness Week, ‘The Ins and Outs of Consent’ worked with expert contributors and explored the grey areas of sexual consent through real stories. Brought to life through video and stills from IMDY, these expert voices helped to create something authentic and very much un-BBC. Smashing engagement figures and building genuine conversation, the campaign not only helped u35s engage with evocative and credible content, but it changed their perceptions of the BBC being ‘For Them’.