If we can spot it, we can Bish Bash Bosh it

Blis & Mindshare UK

Client: Unilever - Lifebuoy

The re-introduction of Lifebuoy antibacterial soaps and hand sanitiser to the UK&I market, after a 20-year absence, was never more important than the September 2020. In the pandemic’s early stages, hand-washing and sanitising rates had more than doubled from 4.5x to almost 10x a day but had started to slip. As people tentatively started to spend more time in public spaces the need to encourage hand hygiene was obvious. Our challenge was to maintain the handwashing habit.

We knew that media powered by data had an important role to play. If we can spot it, we can Bish Bash Bosh it. We identified and intercepted key hand sanitising moments that in-home media alone couldn’t reach. Our innovative data engine that told the evolving story of the pandemic and enabled us to deploy Digital Out of Home and mobile advertising where it could help protect against infection the most. Government COVID infection data was fused with mobility data to pre-identify high risk regions and routines, before they were communicated by the Government or covered in the news, to power contextual messages and timely reminders. Using these data insights, we constantly optimised our buying strategy on a weekly basis to match moment, media, and message. Over the campaign period Lifebuoy outperformed the category helping handwashing rates return to +9 times a day.