At Initiative, we set out to grow our people and grow businesses in a bid to reframe how we build both the careers and the contribution of people in agencies.

We had two winners for 30 under 30; won the most UK-only business in the last 12 months; had the highest customer satisfaction score in the UK; had the highest ratio of shortlists to number of clients of any UK agency; were recognized by RECMA as a high performing agency; and opened an office in Leeds to give more of the country a chance to have a prosperous career in advertising. Our proudest metric of success is an internal one though. As we grew, we filled 68% of new job vacancies with internal candidates. Not only enabling us to grow our talent from within, but to open up even more entry roles for DE&I candidates. We were growing our business and growing our people. If we win agency of the year, we will have delivered on our promise to our teams by becoming famous for having the best people in the industry. We believe they deserve that fame.