Inspiration Nation: Stop Interrupting, Start Inspiring


Client: Pinterest

Pinterest has data that proves what the world already suspects: the last year changed us all. People have become more conscious of where and how they spend their time. Their behaviour shifts reflect that. Whether it was planning Christmas as early as April to looking for more sustainable ways to live their lives. At the same time, the number of people worldwide actively using Pinterest has surged—and 16.7 million of them are in the UK. With all these new people doing all these new things on our platform, It was the perfect time to take a beat and figure out who they are and what they want. Knowing that would help us better serve them and better help the advertising community continue appealing to them with creative, relevant campaigns that inspire, instead of interrupt, their experience. To tackle such an ambitious project, we partnered with Sparkler, part of PA Consulting. Together, we carried out a thorough review of the UK audience and built a segmentation of the different personas that make up our Pinterest community. We also set out knowing that our audience is often misunderstood by the UK advertising industry as monolithic in gender, age and interests. We knew—and set out to prove—that was wrong. What we discovered was just how profoundly wrong it is. Keeping diversity, trust and integrity at the heart of this research reminded us that no human is the same as another, and that our audience has a truly unique mindset when using our platform.