ITV Commercial


Unprecedented change in TV viewing... the launch of ITVX... a wholesale office move to White City... and a fair bit of economic turbulence common to us all.

Rather than deal with it, we chose to LEAD through it!

Not the typical dog-eat-dog leadership you might associate with corporate cut and thrust, but a more modern, expansive and inclusive style. We’d focus on growth beyond ITV’s interests, with a plan to support customers, partners, viewers, ITV colleagues and the wider industry. Here was our 5-point plan:

1. We drove innovation by launching ITVX, Planet V 2.0 and AdLabs products like Matchmaker to create new opportunities for customers

2. We transformed our sell to offer more value to clients, with stronger evidence for TV’s impact and more support for new-to-TV advertisers

3. We instigated industry-wide collaborations, tools and insight to support clients and agencies through the economic crisis

4. We influenced culture for good through ground- breaking creativity and encouraging more diverse and sustainable advertising

5. We supported our teams to rise to the challenge, and support their career development